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You turn completely Black?
You Lose.
You touch a Red Ball?
You Lose.

You fade to Black over time.
Red Balls turn into Teal Balls over time.
Teal Balls fade to Blue and then vanish.

You Shoot?
You turn white-er...
You move from the recoil of the shot...
But your shots are always Red Balls!
...And you might run out of ammo!

You touch a Blue/Teal Ball
You turn white-er...
You gain points...
You gain more ammo to shoot...
But Red Balls take longer to turn into Teal Balls!

How long can you survive? 
How high can you score? 
It is all determined... BY THE BALLS!

Special Note
Prototype was made for GMTK game jam 2017
on 1 laptop...
by 2 people...
while traveling abroad!


alpha 0.08 - the bullet time that activates when you are aiming a shot now feels less choppy and more smooth in it's appearance on screen.

alpha 0.09 - minor text alignment issues, score screen now also shows you your latest run, as well as more details about your best runs

alpha 0.10 - added visual indication of how much ammo you have at any given time


ByTheBalls-alpha-0_07(original GMTK JAM submission).apk 21 MB
ByTheBalls-alpha-0_09.apk 21 MB
ByTheBalls-alpha-0_10.apk 21 MB

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